logo Mikro - injection moulding comapny in Poland

We use a modern machine park based on ARBURG injection machines.

logo Mikro - injection moulding comapny in Poland

We manufacture microscopic plastic elements by mould injection.

logo Mikro - injection moulding comapny in Poland

We also make large plastic parts using machines that can produce items of up to 1000 g.

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We are certified to ISO-9002 by TÜV-Suddeutschland. The integrity of the injection is controlled by an integrated system from ARBURG.

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The process of designing details and mould forms at MIKRO is supported with cutting-edge professional software (SolidWorks Plastics Advanced). Mould forms are manufactured to our own designs, in an ARBO tool room located in the same facility.

MIKRO’s owes its success to consistently applied principles of client cooperation that we adopted as soon as MIKRO was founded.

We did not aspire to be one of hundreds of Polish injection moulding businesses, focused on producing cheap, simple details.

Our life experience and professional background led us to believe that the market was lacking businesses of this industry that would offer integrated service (from idea to product), with a significant technical support and close cooperation at each step of the project. We do what many talk about.

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