We perform the injection using only machines from a world-leading manufacturer, ARBURG from Germany. The machines are high-end models with comprehensive extra functionality (pickers, 3-axis robots, custom fine-tuning, process control). The units we own use a clamping force from 35 to 250 tonnes and a maximum shot weight of 1 kg.

  • ARBURG 270A
  • ARBURG 270U
  • ARBURG 370E
  • ARBURG 370S
  • ARBURG 370E
  • ARBURG 370H
  • ARBURG 420S
  • ARBURG 470S
  • ARBURG 520S
  • ARBURG 570E
  • ARBURG 630S

The machines alone cannot ensure the high quality of the process. Machine accessories are essential for this.
We use first-class molecular sieve dryers, milling stations, plastic feeding systems, thermostats, and machines for 5-color pad printing, ultrasonic wielding and laser marking.